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Sampling Consultation Services

Craig Corl, M. Senior Advisor, Data Analytics. Statistical Sampling and Analysis Services. CONTACT US. Title Title Mr Mrs Miss Ms Dr First Name Last Name Email Organization Phone Number Subject Subject Employment at Econometrica Partner With Us Request Information About a Service Other Message Submit.

Follow Follow Follow Follow. Universal Service Administrative Company USAC : Econometrica provides USAC with audit support consisting of stratified random sampling, statistical modeling, and analysis services for its Payment Quality Assurance PQA Internal Audit Division which includes the Schools and Libraries, Lifeline, High Cost, and Rural Health Care programs , the Billed Entity Application Reimbursements program, and the High Cost Mobility Fund.

For the High Cost Mobility Fund, Econometrica prepares sampling plans for audits of the following eight High Cost programs to ensure compliance with FCC rules and regulations: Connect America Fund Phase I, Connect America Fund Phase II, Connect America Fund Phase II Auctions, Alternative Cost America Model, Mobility Fund, Rural Broadband Experiments, Connect America Fund Broadband Loop Support, and Alaska Plan.

Because these audits address discrete cases of broadband deployment, rather than continuous funding disbursements, binomial and hypergeometric distributions are used to compute key parameters in the sampling plans.

By analyzing past data on improper payments, Econometrica has been able to substantially reduce the minimum sufficient sample sizes necessary to meet the required precision criteria of a percent confidence level and a 3-percent margin of error. Work included developing a sampling plan and creating a sample of RAC-reviewed claims for use in the ongoing RAC validation.

Transportation Command with assistance by developing stratified random sampling strategies to obtain samples that meet the required precision and cost criteria for its expenditure audits.

As a subcontractor to Acuity, Econometrica provided review and advice for the monetary-unit sampling methodology used to draw and analyze samples for audits being conducted by the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Department of Agriculture USDA , Food and Nutrition Service FNS : Econometrica estimated and forecast misclassification and erroneous payment rates and amounts for qualifying Family Day Care Homes operating under the FNS Child and Adult Care Food Program.

To assess the capital needs of public housing, Econometrica is using stratified random sampling without replacement from the population of public housing authorities that own and manage public housing developments. Department of Education, Cost Estimation and Analysis Division CEAD : Econometrica developed an interactive spreadsheet model to provide CEAD analysts with a measure of the precision of subpopulation estimates taken from their sample of more than 2 million borrowers with associated loan records.

Our Support Includes:. Development of Detailed Sampling Plans. There are as many ways to provide samples as there are consultants and offerings.

The only mistake is not making it easy for prospective clients to give you a try. Are there cases in which a low-ticket, get-to-know-me project might be appropriate?

If so, have you offered such projects? How have you structured them and how have they panned out for you in the long term? Your email address will not be published. Post Comment. Note: By subscribing you are confirming that you have read and agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

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Swagelok® sampling system evaluation and advisory services ensure your samples are representative of process fluids, are delivered to the analyzer in a timely Missing We deliver the soil test information you need quickly and efficiently, without interrupting your day to day operations. Our crop consulting


What is Sampling? Digital Media Research. Discounted essential pantry items What is it? Consultztion more about House music samples Marketing Consutation Services. LOCATION London, United Sampling Consultation Services. If this is not the goal of a study, non-probability samples can be a cost-effective alternative. Why choose InnovateMR Next Gen Products. These include quota sampling and the self- recruitment of respondents, for example on websites or in social networks.

Sampling Consultation Services - What is it? Sampling is the process of selecting people from a population or data from larger sources of data for a research project. The type of research Swagelok® sampling system evaluation and advisory services ensure your samples are representative of process fluids, are delivered to the analyzer in a timely Missing We deliver the soil test information you need quickly and efficiently, without interrupting your day to day operations. Our crop consulting

If you do not receive an email from us within 24 hours, please feel free to call us directly at or By submitting this form, you accept and agree our privacy policy in terms of conditions.

How can we help you? Help you consider different types of sampling options for your project Clearly articulate the rationale for the type of sampling used Share this with Contact Us. How should we contact you? Via e-mail Via phone. How did you hear about us? Internet search Recommended by a friend Social media Positive media review Other.

Project Type Student Student - Tutoring Faculty Faculty - Coaching Department Corporation Nonprofit Hospital Nurse Physician Other. In order to pair you with the appropriate consultant, please tell us about your Project?

What field are you working in? What is the topic of your research? What are your research questions? Any information you can provide will help us help you faster. Digital Farm Consulting. Water Management Services.

Farm Calculators. PRECISION AGRONOMY BOOKLET. LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW WE SERVE OUR CLIENTS. Download Booklet. Our professional agronomists are trained in the latest soil sampling techniques.

Consistent soil sampling is the key to getting accurate soil test results. Crop Quest takes soil samples for clients under contract and provides custom soil sampling services for non-contract clients. Our agronomists sell no products and make unbiased fertilizer recommendations, based on certified laboratory analysis of each sample.

Recommendations take into consideration yield goal, carryover fertilizer levels, and other variables. Much more than just a scout.

In a material stockpile, its composition and quality can greatly vary throughout due to production cycles, shape segregation and particle size. If the sample is biased, it will affect the test results. Therefore, getting an unbiased sample — one that wholly represents the material — is crucial, and it is obtained through a systematic collection.

Our collection process follows industry-accepted methods and uses the appropriate equipment. Our care for the details ensures the representative sample will be unbiased at every step of the process. To start gathering the sample, our field engineers take small amounts of material throughout the entire pile.

We have dedicated sampling arms for this purpose that meet ISO and ASTM standards and are operated by experienced professionals.

These many small samples will capture any potential differences that exist in the many sections of the stockpile. We will then combine these smaller samples at the site to create a homogeneous representative sample of the material, maintain sample moisture, reduce preparation time at the laboratory and return excess material to the sampling site.

These efforts reduce disposal costs and prevent excess material loss for the client. This final sample will allow us to get the most accurate analysis of the stockpile. Our team is proficient with ASTM and ISO methods for sampling in mineral processing. These practices are accepted and standard in the industry, so you can trust in the procedure and accuracy of your results.

Material Sampling Services Home Raw Material Testing Services Material Sampling Services. Raw Material Sampling Services Samples are taken from raw materials to validate the agreed-upon price and conform to the specifications in the contract.

We have the following qualifications to ensure an accurate material analysis: Expertise: We have more than years of experience with sampling and testing raw materials for clients in many industries , like coal , foundry , casting, mining, solid fuels , petroleum coke , steel , and minerals.

Our laboratory is one of the most recognized in the country for excellence. Knowledge: Our highly educated and knowledgeable professionals hold degrees in fields such as chemistry, and this expertise equips us to sample raw materials and serve our clients better.

Testing and Analysis Services

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