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Free Dining is now available for travel dates through September If you want to be notified immediately when more discounts are released, sign up here for our FREE Walt Disney World newsletter. In the last several months, Walt Disney World has released over a dozen different discounts , including some that run all the way through October There are even targeted deals available through December 25, That coupled with capacity is why the Disney Dining Plan took so long to return in the first place.

Those are both non-factors now, and things are more or less back to norms. This is all relevant to the return of Free Dining in because the deal is not offered out of corporate benevolence, but as an aggressive move to help boost resort occupancy numbers.

On that note, here are some predictions about subsequent waves of Free Dining at Walt Disney World…. For many Walt Disney World vacation planners, the above offers are still a better offer than percentage savings on a room.

The good news is that, as mentioned above, Free Dining is now available for travel dates from July 1 through September 30, There are a ton of different discounts currently available for Walt Disney World in , and that number is only going to grow!

Previously, there was no end date for the booking period—it was open-ended. This is not normal. Typically, booking would remain open until the start of the travel window. It does not appear that Free Dining is ending early due to high demand or lack of resort availability.

Most recently, a special offer dropped a new Walt Disney World Resort Discount for Visa Cardmembers. Again, this is one of many deals that are currently available. All of this previously led us to speculate that Walt Disney World would expand Free Dining, rather than end it early.

If a better discount is released in the coming days, weeks, or months, you can always switch to that. However, you cannot later book a discount that is no longer available! To that point, some of you have asked about the likelihood of Free Dining for additional dates in As it turns out, the first date was correct.

This is because the Free Dining dates released in January only run through September 30, As you can see from the historical dates below, it was common for Free Dining to also be offered in November and December every year up until The main reason Walt Disney World would not yet release discounts for October and beyond also relates to resort occupancy numbers.

Walt Disney World only wants to offer discounts as necessary to fill hotel rooms, so they release discounts in phases. The company typically releases its first batch of discounts in early January, next set in late March or early April, and another during the summer.

Accordingly, we have far less confidence in the March 25, date. Based on recent trends—when deals have been released earlier—that date makes the most sense. If we look back to prior years, anytime between then and April 15, would make sense.

What we also know is that Walt Disney World has been following the familiar formula of discounts. If you look back to the playbook, there were three waves of the discount released—to different groups general public vs.

Disney Visa and different date ranges. Back then, the third wave of Free Dining—which was the one that included dates for September, November and December—was released in mid-July.

Exclusions around Jersey Week, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving are likely, but not in the week before Christmas. The biggest wildcard is October; that was mostly excluded from Free Dining in the past, but October has slowed down minus fall break, which is still very busy in the last couple of years due to fewer conventions.

My prediction for the second wave of Free Dining is approximately the following dates:. With that said, nothing is set in stone yet. Walt Disney World could go another direction entirely, as the company has stated repeatedly that they want to reduce discounting.

However, Disney also likes high levels of per guest spending numbers, and no other special offer helps achieve these high per caps like Free Dining. No other discount accomplishes all of these important goals for the company. Either way, will be closely monitoring the Free Dining situation, keeping our ears open for more news about a return of Free Dining.

This section of the post covers the rules, terms and conditions, and policies that generally govern the Free Dining promotion. With this special offer, Walt Disney World guests booking vacation packages with non-discounted resort hotels and park tickets receive the DDP for each member of their party for no additional charge.

Guests booking the Free Dining promotion for Value or Moderate Resorts will receive the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan, with guests staying at Deluxe or Deluxe Villa Resorts receiving the standard Disney Dining Plan. These resorts and room tiers are all not eligible for Free Dining.

Additionally, room inventory is limited across all resorts. In practice, this means that when you go to book, a particular category standard view, garden view, etc. may not be available for your travel dates—or your travel dates may not be available at a specific resort at all. Additionally, a 4-night minimum stay is required with a maximum stay of fourteen nights.

When it comes to Free Dining, doing the math is incredibly important. Other discounts such as a room-only discount might be better for your family.

Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch ; you have forfeit an alternate discount to qualify for Free Dining. This is the quickest and easiest way to apply the promotion. You might see other advice that recommends calling to book Free Dining. This is outdated. Booking or modifying your reservation online is far quicker and easier.

If you are wondering which hotel to book for the Free Dining promotion, check out our new Best Walt Disney World Hotels for Free Dining post. It gives our preferred option for each resort tier. With this Free Dining offer, Value and Moderate Resort guests receive the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan during the promotion.

You're almost ready to dine. Redeem your card here:. You can browse to see what restaurants and retailers are in your area, but you must login or create an account to use your Dining Discount Pass code. You're on your way to big savings ON DESKTOP?

Once you have your Dining Discount Pass, please take note of your code and make sure to follow these steps: Go to My Certificates within your Restaurant. com account to find your Dining Discount Pass code. Write down the Dining Discount Pass code. On www. com , at the upper right side of the page, click Sign Up to create a Dining Discount Pass account.

Click Login to sign in if you already have a Dining Discount Pass account. Creating a Dining Discount Pass account and activating your code will only need to be completed once, and is good for six months.

Be sure to enter your zip code to find all the restaurants and retailers in your area. ON MOBILE? com , click Search. Click on the menu icon in the upper left. Click Sign Up to create a Dining Discount Pass account. Creating a Dining Discount Pass account and activating your code will only need to be completed once, and is good for six months Be sure to enter your zip code to find all the restaurants and retailers in your area.

Sorry, this account doesn't have any unused credit available. Search for a restaurant deal. This code is invalid.

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