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A charming little mount for your Apple Watch charger. This Elago stand is absolutely adorable, as once you thread your Apple Watch charging puck into it, your watch turns into a mini Macintosh computer, iMac, GameBoy, or iPod Classic okay, not really, but it looks a bit like one while in nightstand mode.

These adorable Apple Watch stands from Elago are made of silicone and styled after vintage tech. Mount your Apple Watch charger in it, and it looks like an old Macintosh Plus computer while charging. Save someone from their old 5W wall warts. Just be sure that any old chargers they replace get recycled properly.

The perfect entry-point into smart home tech. In addition to lights, you can even set one up to do something handy like remotely power-cycling your home router when it inevitably misbehaves — even without having to get up from the couch. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Smart light bulbs: how most of us get into smart homes and automation. Instead of making normal lights smart, you can opt for some basic smart bulbs from Wyze. The bulbs are compatible with either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for voice control, and they can be dimmed, set to a range of colors, or placed on a timer.

For any anxious person who always fears they left the garage door open. The Meross Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Remote is just one small way of maintaining peace of mind. The Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote allows a garage door to be opened from anywhere through an internet connection and the Meross app.

This base model supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings. All the ports. Got a friend who is having a tough time in dongle town?

No matter if they need a USB 3. Advanced users, however, may prefer a hub that has a passthrough USB-C charging port as well, which will cost more. A headphone stand or mount is a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk and wants to keep things tidy or if you encourage them to keep things tidy and they really should be listening to you.

Here are two appealing options for them to either show off their headphones when not using them or keep them tucked away and out of sight. Take your pick and help someone keep their cool audio gear neat. This dual headphones desk stand is made of aluminum and features a tray for resting a cable or keeping handy accessories nearby.

An under-desk dual headphone hanger that uses 3M adhesive for mounting and an included Velcro strap to anchor a headphone cable.

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Menu Expand. Updated Jan 23, , PM UTC. Share this story. Image: KBDFans. Belkin Magnetic Wireless Charger. Related The best magnetic chargers to buy for your MagSafe iPhone.

A great, lengthy USB-C cable is just too handy to be without. And once you have one you soon find a need for having more than one, like playing while charging your Nintendo Switch or PlayStation DualSense controller. Image: Uni. Uni USB-C to USB-C cable 10 feet.

KBDFans Japanese Style Deskmat. Custom Mechanical Switch Tester. Custom Mechanical Switch Tester nine switches, clear ABS caps. Besign LS10 Aluminum Laptop Stand.

Related The Verge guide to working from home. ZMI PowerPack 10,mAh battery. iFixit Moray Driver Kit. Bluetooth Aux Receiver.

Image: Asicen. Asicen 3-in-1 Retractable Charging Cable. Asicen 3-in-1 charging cable. Beam Electronics phone car mount. KZ ES4 wired earbuds. KZ ES4 earbuds. It's a good gift ideas for teens who are always recording videos. Grill fanatics and foodies alike will get ample use of this wireless meat thermometer, which utilizes Bluetooth technology to provide the precise temperature of their steak or sirloin, along with the ambient pit temperature.

They can also receive alerts directly to their phone, ensuring they have a perfectly cooked piece of meat every time. Memorialize their favorite moments and photos with the help of the HP Sprocket Portable Printer.

This pocket-sized printer can connect to their phone or laptop for seamless printing, ideal for the scrapbook or keepsake extraordinaire. Level up from a regular water bottle with this Larq model that uses UV-C LED technology to not only sanitize the water, but also the entire inner surface of the bottle every two hours.

It comes in a variety of fun colors, and is also capable of keeping drinks cold for up to 24 hours. Revo elevates sunglasses to a whole new level with its Sonic audio sunglasses. These stylish frames allow you to listen to music, take phone calls, and track your health via a fitness app.

Elevate their birdwatching with this sleek feeder cam, which has a bevy of modern features like species detection, color night vision, p resolution, and a connected app with notifications for when feathered visitors land. Aptly named, the GhostCover protects your keyboard while remaining virtually unseen and unfelt.

It's transparent enough for light to shine through but thick enough to keep your keyboard free from spills and other debris. Lovers of the great outdoors will appreciate the convenience of this waterproof lantern, which can charge via the attached solar panel or a USB cable.

Once fully charged, it emits 75 lumens of LED light for up to 24 hours. Plus, it folds up to stash away when not in use. Any gamer will delight at this RGB Gaming Keyboard, which responds to their keystrokes with a full spectrum of color and reactive effects. With an ergonomic wrist rest and whisper quiet keys, this keyboard is comfortable and minimizes excited clacking when the gaming gets intense.

The Holy Stone HSG Drone captures stunning footage and video from a bird's eye view with the help of electronic image stabilization. The user-friendly functions and controller also make it easy to operate, so even beginners can master it. Help them keep track of all their important belongings with this set of Tile trackers.

Despite an overwhelming shift to digital, many people find writing by hand much more comfortable. This smart pen and notebook set by cult-favorite notebook company Moleskine bridges the gap between both worlds.

Everything they write in the notebook using the pen is replicated digitally via an app, so they have both a digital and paper record of their thoughts. Fitness trackers can be rather unsightly, but you'd never know one was hidden inside this ring.

The battery life is pretty impressive at four to five days, and it's water resistant up to meters. Apple AirTags may be ubiquitous at this point, but carrying them around can sometimes be a pain.

This protective holder allows them to secure their AirTag to their belongings and protect it against scratches and bumps. It's a perfect size for a stocking stuffer. Do you have a coworker who's sick of having too many charging cords tangled by their desk? This simple and inexpensive USB adapter can solve that problem.

It allows them to convert any USB-C device to any USB-A device or vice versa for charging and data transfer. If they have wonky Wi-Fi in certain areas of their home, a Wi-Fi range extender might be the solution.

This device will help boost your signal in dead zones and allow you to enjoy high internet speeds across a greater area. Transform the backseat of their car into a mini entertainment center with this simple gadget that allows them to mount an iPad, Nintendo Switch, or iPhone to their headrest.

Whether their backseat passengers are kids or adults, they'll enjoy this entertainment for a long ride or road trip. No YouTuber or Livestreamer's setup is complete without a ring light.

They've become the go-to light for shooting professional videos or photos at home. A ring light is also handy for video meetings and WFH setups, so you can ensure even lighting on every call. Whether they're interested in exploring the metaverse, playing video games, or watching movies or TV shows, a virtual-reality headset is going to enhance their experience.

The Meta Quest 2 is a bit of a splurge, but it's an excellent high-quality device for both casual and expert users. The Sony neckband speaker is a unique device that brings a home theater—style sound system to their ears. The waterproof speakers rest on their shoulders and can pair with their TV, laptop, or smartphone via Bluetooth—it's an ideal alternative to headphones if they prefer keeping their ears free.

If you haven't yet upgraded your traditional, high-pitched-whistling kettle, let this device introduce you to the wonderful world of electric kettles.

Simply plug it in and boil your water in an instant. We particularly like the gooseneck design, which helps prevent spills. Singing in the shower has never been easier with this two-in-one showerhead and Bluetooth speaker. Pair your phone, tablet, or laptop with the speaker and blast some tunes while enjoying your daily wash.

This sticky tech organizer will keep all their gadgets in order, whether they adhere it to their laptop or desk for a streamlined work setup. It can hold wires, smart pens, earbuds, chargers, and more—ultimately keeping all their must-have devices conveniently on hand.

For those who want to automate their daily routine, opt for this combination espresso and coffee machine that yields barista-level lattes and brews. They can also tailor their frame from the Frameo app for both Android and iOS devices.

This modern take on a classic record player has all the tech they need to spin their favorite tracks, like Bluetooth capability and automatic functionality with two speeds.

For those who want to reminisce, this old-school upgrade is the perfect gift. The woman in your life will love the gift of an at-home hair salon with this complete styling kit from Dyson. With seven attachments, four heat settings, and three airflow modes, this multifunctional tool can transform any hair type into sleek styles in a matter of minutes.

This compact gaming gear is a fan favorite for a reason—it's portable, offers multiplayer functionality, and can seamlessly connect to your TV.

From road trips to family nights, the Nintendo Switch is a covetable gift for anyone on your list, whether you're shopping for a kid or an adult.

Stargaze in stunning detail with the assistance of this portable refractor telescope from Celestron. The large mm objective lens captures brighter, enhanced viewing, while mm and mm eyepieces allow them to see celestial views during day and night. Any skincare fanatic will adore this LED facial mask, which has three modes to target fine lines, wrinkles, and acne.

They can integrate this mask into their daily skincare routine and skip the expensive spa alternative. For those who seem to have every kitchen device imaginable, opt for the Aarke Carbonator III, which infuses Co2 into their water for refreshing, bubbly beverages.

Their coffee will never get cold with this smart mug, which can keep their beverage hot for 1. They can even use an app to set the perfect temperature. They don't need a green thumb to operate this hydroponic indoor garden, which is a great gift for novice and pro gardeners alike. Simply plant the herb seeds and follow the instructions about when to water and add plant food—the lights turn on and off by themselves.

If you're looking for a humidifier , this smart model is one of our favorites. Nobody likes waking up to a jarring alarm. This smart wake-up light is designed to wake them up naturally by creating an artificial sunrise in their room.

It also doubles as an FM radio, phone charging dock, and a speaker. There's something just so luxurious about having your milk heated and frothed before you top off your coffee or hot chocolate. We tested the Bodum Bistro Electric Frother in our Lab and found it to be one of the best options on the market thanks to the long-lasting, frothy foam it created.

Fitness fiends , meet your new best friend. Are lightbulbs an odd gift? Perhaps, but they're something most people wouldn't splurge on themselves, which actually makes them a rather great gift. This model has a variety of light temperatures and color options, as well as voice command compatibility with smart home devices.

For someone who needs an upgrade for their old FitBit, this fitness watch is one of the toughest on the market. The GPS-enabled device has more than 80 different sport modes, so it'll suit any athlete.

It's easy to forget to disinfect your phone , despite it having 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, per a study. That's what makes this UV sanitizer such a handy device. Toss your phone in there's even a hole for a charging cable and turn it on to get rid of The AnkerMake M5 makes 3D printing more accessible than ever, bringing the technology into your home.

These pads use inductive currents to juice up compatible devices without you having to plug them in. To use them, ensure that your device is compatible with wireless charging.

If you want an even more top-shelf experience, consider a charging pad that can handle numerous devices at the same time, or a stylish desk lamp that pulls double duty with a built-in charger.

Smart pens allow users to take handwritten notes or drawings on regular paper that are then digitized and synced to the cloud or an app. They offer the flexibility of writing by hand while creating well-organized, searchable digital notes. Then you can touch the pen to a specific piece of text to replay what was said at that exact moment.

To deliver these more advanced features, some smart pens need dedicated notebooks. These contain microdots that a camera embedded in the pen can read to determine its position on the page. Also, check out its support for apps and cloud-based storage.

This article appears in the December issue of Investment Executive. Subscribe to the print edition , read the digital edition or read the articles online. Glen Rattray has guided clients through many bear markets and crises since joining the investment industry in Segmenting your clients by revenue rather than assets can provide valuable insights.

Freedom to choose your digital tools varies by firm, but independence has its risks and rewards. Banks, insurance firms and practice management software providers have launched generative AI tools for financial advisors and retail customers.

The consumer price index rose 0. The national financial advisors association alleges it was overcharged.

Staying up to date needn't be a worry when choosing from our tech promo items. From promotional phone accessories to screen cleaners, cases The best tech gifts are unique and actually useful. Our top picks include smart home devices, fitness devices, and office supplies for all Buying gifts on a tight budget isn't easy, but there's still some worthwhile tech even at “stocking-stuffer” prices. Here, we've highlighted

Tech gadget sample offers - › usb-drives-tech-gadgets › other-tech-accessories Staying up to date needn't be a worry when choosing from our tech promo items. From promotional phone accessories to screen cleaners, cases The best tech gifts are unique and actually useful. Our top picks include smart home devices, fitness devices, and office supplies for all Buying gifts on a tight budget isn't easy, but there's still some worthwhile tech even at “stocking-stuffer” prices. Here, we've highlighted

This pair is perfect for hikes in subzero temperatures, but also really comfortable if you're just trekking from the couch to the fridge.

Not to toot our own horns, but we think this tote bag from the WIRED merch store is pretty slick. It's made sustainably from six plastic water bottles and can collapse down into a small pouch once you're done using it.

Featured in our guide to the Best Viral TikTok Gadgets , this tiny waffle maker won't take up too much space on your counter—it only measures four inches across.

It's available in a wide range of fun colors and comes with a recipe guide. Aside from waffles and waffle-adjacent food , this mini maker can crank out hash browns, crispy eggs, quesadillas, and more.

These box cutters make excellent gifts for shopaholics or product reviewers. The durable finger-safe ceramic blades won't cut you, and they're cheap to replace when they eventually break down.

This box cutter has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to condense boxes and open packages. Reviewer Louryn Strampe is also a fan of the Slice Utility Knife , though it's a bit more expensive.

The Go Air Pop are a great pair of cheap earbuds that fit well, come in cool colors, and have an AirPod-beating eight hours of battery life. They don't sound quite as good as Apple's finest, but they perform more than well enough for listening to music and podcasts, especially as a pair you don't have to worry too much about.

The included charging case has a built-in USB cable, which means you'll never hunt through a drawer for one. The Dreamegg D11 is our favorite sound machine for portability. While it's aimed at the parents of babies, there's nothing stopping adults in need of some soothing sounds from using this.

Its small size makes it easy to take with you on the go, and there are 11 sounds for you to try, from a fan to lullaby music and more. This PS5 accessory is an absolute must-have. Using the included cable is such a hassle, especially if you have more than one controller.

With the dock, I simply pick my controller up to use it and place back down after every gaming session. There's really not much else to it. It's an essential gadget for those who like the easy life.

Of course, tea isn't just for warming up the cold among us. There's iced tea too. This tea pot from Hario is our cold-brew choice in our best tea accessories guide.

Get your loose leaf in there, whack in some water, then pop in the fridge the day before you need it. In the morning you'll have your cherished iced-tea fix. This clever gizmo from Oxo is a swift way to deliver your loose-leaf tea fix. You simply open the infuser basket by twisting the handle, scoop up your leaves, close again, and proceed to dunk in your cup of choice.

The closed basket makes it easy to transport and ditch the leaves once you're done. Apple and Logitech sell more elaborate keyboard cases that are composed of, well, a case and a keyboard. This portable keyboard from Logitech is one of our top iPad accessories. The K is a compact and quiet, yet tactile, keyboard that's easy to sling in a bag or stow away at a desk.

There are a few colorful shade options too. This small tool bag is a great option for the home, to whip out when a household DIY situation hits. It may just be fabric but it's built to resist bumps and the like. There are 22 pockets to accommodate all the home tools you need, with pockets on both the inside and out for easy access.

Check out our guide to the Best Home Tools for more. If it's possible to solve a problem in both an elegant and inelegant way, then this is it. The idea of attaching a phone to your laptop as a way to improve your webcam experience feels like overkill, but Apple has softened the blow as best it can.

The Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe for MacBooks the name is also inelegant is one of our favorite MagSafe accessories and achieves what it says on the tin. The mount will let your iPhone be used as a webcam using Apple's Continuity Camera feature, improving picture quality to no end.

This Anker charger is one of the best iPad accessories , but it's great for phones and Android tablets alike too. It can achieve up to watt output, meaning it's able to fast-charge an iPad Pro. The big benefits here are its diminutive size and value-for-money proposition—coming in slightly cheaper than Apple's plugs.

There's no cable included, but that's another thing Anker can help you out with. A cheap and cheerful place for your dog to just chill out, Coolaroo has it covered.

The Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed is one of our recommendations for a top dog bed. The bed's raised form factor allows air to circulate around your doggo while they sit comfortably. There's plenty of choice here, with a bunch of sizes and colors available. WIRED's feline fanatic Medea Giordano included Cat Person's line of toys in our guide to the Best Cat Furniture.

Giordano was a big fan of Georgia the Chicken pictured. Cat Person offers a variety of cat-friendly products, but these particular toys come attached to a string and are stuffed full of catnip. Roku works with all the major streaming services, and even the least techy among us can figure it out.

The strap of choice for WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu, this camera accessory from Hex offers a neat trick. Once attached to your wrist correctly, if you drop the camera, the strap will tighten, then loosen again once you grab a hold of it for your next snap.

No need for extra fastenings to mess around with. It's comfortable and doesn't feel too restrictive. Ever been lying in bed, back flat to the mattress, looking up at your phone and had it smash you right in the face? Now imagine it's an iPad. This bendable arm is one of our favorite iPad accessories and is here to avoid unnecessary bumps and bruises as well as save the odd sore neck.

It can attach to a desk or nightstand and lets you position it perfectly for reading, watching, game-playing, and more. As a budget pick, the arm isn't the most stable we've tested, so it's best for passive viewing rather than tapping the screen regularly, but the Lamicall is extremely useful nonetheless.

One for PopSocket fans, and another one of our top picks for MagSafe accessories to consider, this PopGrip uses Apple's magnetic tech to snap to the back of your iPhone.

Admittedly, solely leaving the fate of your phone grip down to MagSafe is slightly less reassuring than an embedded case or accessory that uses an adhesive, but this is a convenient option nonetheless. If you get bored of this look, you can even switch out the top portion for something else.

A good knife shouldn't cost a fortune. These Kiwis are our top cheap pick among the best knives around. Take some of the money you save on these and invest in a good sharpening system. We like this Gatco rod-guided sharpening system , which eliminates much of the guesswork of sharpening.

The Logitech G offers decent sensitivity at 8, dots per inch, along with six customizable buttons and RGB lighting. Sure, you'll find better mice at higher price points, but this is a top value pick.

This book from Kate Messner and Matthew Forsythe is an entertaining and informative look at environmental preservation and the work of scientist Ken Nedimyer, founder of the Coral Restoration Foundation. The Brilliant Deep delves into coral reefs and scuba diving alongside tales of Nedimyer's life.

The cheap Philips One electric toothbrush is for the in-betweeners. It vibrates enough to aide in your cleaning, though you still have to do most of the work. This version takes one AAA battery, and there's also a rechargeable version.

This was one of our alternative picks in our guide to the Best Electric Toothbrushes. Keeping out of the rain shouldn't cost the earth, and Prostorm has us covered, literally. This is our budget pick in our guide to the Best Umbrellas.

This vented travel umbrella has a fiberglass and steel frame for batting back wind and rain. It offers plenty of space for one person, though, annoyingly, the handle itself is a tad on the small side.

Want a cable that's eco-friendly but doesn't compromise on quality? This one from Nimble has been the go-to for WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu for several years now with nary an issue, and it sits pride of place in our best USB-C cables guide.

This cable dodges feeling cheap and plasticky, with its mix of certified recycled plastic and aluminum feeling nice and textured. There are three lengths to choose from, plus there's a two-year warranty for your peace of mind. It may not be the most glamorous gift, but this USB flash drive is a virtual filing cabinet for your pocket.

Whether your recipient wants to take their saved games with them, backup and transfer photos, or share the first draft of their novel, this practical thumb drive will come in handy. You can never have too many thumb drives. The best thing you can do with a Nintendo Switch besides play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is beef up the storage.

This GB microSD card lets you go all-digital and ditch the requirement to lug around cartridges. It's also pretty cheap. Free sample Kitchen gadgets manual Vegetable and fruit Cucumber carrot peeler.

Contact Supplier Chat now. technology gadgets smart speaker bluetooth speaker free sample Ready to Ship. ZMSAFETY free sample hot sale multi purpose kitchen gadgets stainless steel kitchen cutting tools finger protector finger guard.

Free Sample Cheap Price Stainless Steel EDC Survival Gadget 18 in 1 Key chain Multi Tool. Kitchen Gadgets Innovative Cleaning Tool Kitchenware Small Product New Technology Smart Home Unique Best Popular Ready to Ship.

New products unique gadgets promotional products phone holder personalized gifts items Ready to Ship. Food Grade Silicone Manual Garlic Peeler Garlic Press Mincer Kitchen Gadget Easy Clean.

Maisons Kitchen Gadgets 4 in 1 Handheld Electric Vegetable Cutter Set Multifunction Electric Food Chopper. Top categories. About products and suppliers: Explore high-quality free sample gadgets on Alibaba. com at economical prices. They are appropriate for domestic and commercial purposes.

free sample gadgets are useful in cutting vegetables and fruits. free sample gadgets on Alibaba. com are suited for amateur cooks and professional chefs alike. They have razor-sharp blades for finely chopped vegetables. The knives are constructed from stainless steel, ensuring they are free of corrosion from moisture.

The products boast a safety-lock feature for swapping blades. The make of the products ascertains cooks do not hurt themselves while using them. The bodies of the products are made up of industrial-grade plastic, making them durable. The products are also suited for the grating of veggies. free sample gadgets have several blades relevant for an array of vegetables.

The goods can chop hard, soft, and juicy vegetables. Make delicious vegetables and fruit salads quickly using these products. Cut in coarse and fine sizes as per requirements to add in curries and desserts. The blades can chop greens in ribbons and slices. The products have large containers for storing cut vegetables.


Travel light with these NEW Tech Essentials This version takes one AAA battery, Tech gadget sample offers eample also a rechargeable Cleaning product samples. This clever tactic allowed Fadget to grab the attention of potential customers while eample buzz Tech gadget sample offers the local ofcers. Use sa,ple to select offfrs content. Featured in our guide to the Best Viral TikTok Gadgetsthis tiny waffle maker won't take up too much space on your counter—it only measures four inches across. To use them, ensure that your device is compatible with wireless charging. Personalised PocketPower Powerbank. If someone you know is the type that might misplace their most valued everyday items, like their wallet or keys, a location tracker might just be a lifesaver for them.

Tech gadget sample offers - › usb-drives-tech-gadgets › other-tech-accessories Staying up to date needn't be a worry when choosing from our tech promo items. From promotional phone accessories to screen cleaners, cases The best tech gifts are unique and actually useful. Our top picks include smart home devices, fitness devices, and office supplies for all Buying gifts on a tight budget isn't easy, but there's still some worthwhile tech even at “stocking-stuffer” prices. Here, we've highlighted

Because of this flood of products within the tech category there is a wide variety of products at all price point, from cost conscious charging cords and earbuds to high end luxury and audiophile products loaded with every feature imaginable!

Always on top of current trends We continually participate in product knowledge sessions with our vendors so we are always on top of current trends. We take the time to learn about this fast paced category and bring in test samples so that we can offer relevant and accurate information to our clients.

We are happy to discuss your needs and compile a list of ideas for what tech products might work best for your upcoming events or marketing initiatives. As always, we're here to help with suggestions and answer any questions you may have!

Featured Products. Power banks. In a world where the average person is on their mobile device 3 hours per day, branded mobile device accessories are a fantastic way to get your company into the palm of your customers hands. A perfect idea is the power bank, which has become a staple in almost every office and household.

Do you charge on the go? Click Here! CUSTOMIZE THIS! SHOP ALL TECH. Tech Talk What is mAh? mAh is generally used to describe the capacity of a battery. More mAh means more power and more recharges for your devices before the powerbank needs to be recharged.

Bigger devices like tablets draw more power when charging, therefore requires a power bank with more capacity and more wattage A to fully charge them. CONTACT US TODAY! Aiming to impress? Upgrade to more power! CBS Essentials is created independently of the CBS News staff.

We may receive commissions from some links to products on this page. Promotions are subject to availability and retailer terms. Major appliances, laptops, tablets, smartwatches -- you'll likely find a good deal at Best Buy this weekend. Don't miss out on our top five picks for the Nintendo Switch games you can enjoy on your console today.

If you've been thinking about giving your three- to year old their own tablet, Amazon's kid-friendly options are on sale. Pre-order some of our favorite Xbox titles coming to the system this year and don't miss out on some of the biggest games yet.

Discover top-rated robot vacuums for pet hair in , based on pet owners' reviews. If you work with a laptop, the right stand can provide key comfort -- and some of them look gorgeous, too.

The OnePlus 12 is a new smartphone that rivals what many of the latest smartphones can do, but it's offered at half the price. Bring the biggest event in sports to your home with show-stopping savings on larger-than-life TVs.

If you're looking to upgrade your TV in time for the big show, here are four of our top recommendations for watching live sports and other action. Connecting the right soundbar to your TV can make watching the Super Bowl from home a much more immersive experience.

Discover the best new deals on every Apple iPad model you can buy right now. With a portable power station, you're able to provide power to small appliances or recharge your smartphone and other mobile devices during a power failure.

Discover the best gaming keyboards for your Windows PC that can give you better control over your favorite games. If your kitchen or laundry room needs an upgrade, you can save huge money during Best Buy's Presidents' Day sale that's happening right now.

A Stanley reusable water bottle is the hottest accessory of , and the new color release is going fast. Presidents' Day is this weekend, but deals on tech, home goods and more have already arrived at Walmart.

It's super simple -- and once you try a meal kit delivery service, you may never go back. Best Presidents' Day deals at Best Buy: Save a fortune and thank George Washington Major appliances, laptops, tablets, smartwatches -- you'll likely find a good deal at Best Buy this weekend 2H ago.

The best Nintendo Switch games you can play right now Don't miss out on our top five picks for the Nintendo Switch games you can enjoy on your console today.


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